Are you curious where it all started with Neeve? This is our story.

Neeve started because of the search for a sustainable and delicate wardrobe essential. The owners of Neeve, friends Heleen and Nadine, spent ages every morning deciding what to wear that day. Where their male partners threw on a t-shirt in a blink of an eye, they wanted the same. But they couldn't find a basic that was suitable for their work day and also their plans for the evening. 

That is where they started the brand. With Neeve they want to establish a brand that is fashionable, sustainable but also easy to wear. We make t-shirts that you can wear every day, all day, for any occasion. A good basic but also something special. When you are wearing a Neeve Tee, you feel good, comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

Long Sleeves – Neeve

Amsterdam fashion brand
Our fashion brand started in 2019 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With our background in the fashion and creative industry and our love for art, fashion and sustainability, we hope to help you with your search for basic organic tees. We offer comfortable and lovely products to add to your wardrobe in every season. Buy our comfortable tees for the summer months and our super soft and cozy long sleeves for winter time.

Trees for All
For us, quality always goes above quantity. Therefore we teamed up with Trees for All. This organisation helps companies with reducing their footprint by planting a tree for every sold product. Every year 10 billion trees disappear from our earth and this has disastrous consequences. Trees are therefore the cure against climate change. By buying a product of Neeve, you will plant a tree. Sounds good right?! Join the green movement with us and shop your organic basics in our webshop!