The demand for fast fashion is decreasing because of the lack of sustainability. At Neeve we believe that clothing should be versatile, desirable and sophisticated. But above all fashion should be sustainable. With our organic luxury basics we make a small contribution in moving towards a sustainable fashion industry.

Sustainable Fashion brand

Neeve stands for bright and radiant and we want our business as well as our customers to have a bright & radiant future.This is why at Neeve sustainability is core to our business. As a sustainable fashion brand we guarantee that we use sustainable fabrics for our products.

Our organic luxury basics are made in Portugal of premium organic cotton that is GOTS certified, or the Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS certification means that our fabrics and products meet the highest standards. With this label is assured that Neeve meets social and environmental standards and we have safe and hygienic working conditions at our manufacturer sites.

Besides the GOTS certification we took an additional step in becoming a sustainable fashion brand. We reduce, reuse, and recycle our packaging. The polybags we use for our packaging are made from 100% recycled plastic. Also, after use they can be recycled again. Our tags are made of recycled paper and our name- and washlabels are made of recycled polyester. In addition, we use the minimum size packaging for shipment and attach paper tape.

We consider ourselves to be a sustainable fashion brand. However, some factors are difficult to make more sustainable. For instance, our clothing is manufactured in Portugal. In order to reduce the emissions we use a bike courier whenever we can. In this way we make our webshop shipments as sustainable as possible.


Slow fashion brand

At Neeve we consider ourselves to be a slow fashion brand. The demand for slow fashion brands is increasing and we want to join this movement. Our organic basics are of high quality, with a perfect fit and made of high quality organic cotton. This increases the product lifetime of our clothing, which represents a slow fashion brand.

Besides this, our fashion is versatile. We produce clothes that are perfect for a day at the office as well as a fun night out. Style is timeless, you can wear our basics season after season. There is no need to have too many items in your wardrobe. The basics of Neeve you can wear all day, everyday. Please reduce the number of items in your closet and choose slow fashion brand items you will wear often and for a longer period of time. It is a step towards sustainability in your own wardrobe!

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At Neeve we try to be good. Good for the environment. Good for people. Good for you.