The Box, The Sleeveless Button-up, and The Crew, a selection of our favourite basics. At Neeve we believe that our basics should be versatile, desirable and sophisticated. Our basics collection is perfect for everyday wear and great nights out!

Neeve basics

Our basics are known as perfect items for everyday. This is also the reason why Neeve was founded; the owners both missed a wardrobe essential that you can wear everyday. But there is more that makes our basics the bestt to wear:

  1. Wear season after season: Neeve basics are perfect all year round. The style is timeless so you can wear the items season after season. In summer our basics are perfect on their own, in winter they are perfect to combine.
  2. Perfect fit: our basics are cut for a perfect fit using high quality fabrics. Whether you are looking for a top, sweater, shirt or something more detailed, we’ve got the perfect item in our basics collection.
  3. Sexy sustainable: Neeve basics collection is made of high quality organic cotton. The fabric is GOTS and XOXO certified.

The basics collection

Neeve’s new collection consists of eight different basics. All available in multiple colours. Whatever you wish for you can find it here:

The items are also great to combine! For instance, The Lovely Lace will look great underneath The U-Neck. Besides, the basics of Neeve are perfect for every occasion. A day at the office or at home and very comfortable for a night out. You will feel comfy and still look fancy.

Essential basics

The Essential Collection of Neeve contains the essential items for every wardrobe. Organic luxury basics that suit every moment of the day. Choose our most basic items or our shirts with subtle details. Shop one of our perfect basics in our webshop or take a look at our new collection: